At FlyingFish we believe the most effective learning is self directed.  Our overriding aim is to support you in achieving excellent performance and sustaining it.

Our brand of coaching and facilitation combines front line experience in leadership, specialist knowledge in learning and development and is underpinned with rigorous academic study and training.  We believe…

“What is taught is not what is always learnt” – we treat learners as adults who turn up with a rich mix of experiences, talents and stories.

“You can’t learn from an experience you’re not having!” – all our programmes are highly experiential and interactive: we don’t use powerpoint!

“Showing you where to look, but not what to see” – we don’t talk at people we explore and discover with them

“Work is important and should be meaningful and fulfilling” – success lies in using and honing your natural strengths; fixing a weaknesses is important too as it prevents failure.

“The way you do anything, is the way you do everything” – our coaching style is not to fix your problems, its to change your relationship to your problems.

“Work should be fun” – we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we enjoy working with people who truly want to do great things and  be courageous enough to learn. We work in partnership to co-create and support your personal and professional development.