‘The Leadership Momentum Programme’

We believe at the heart of good leadership is the ability to connect to others in an authentic and credible way. To be authentic takes strength of character that is grounded in a clear understanding of ones values, strengths and vulnerabilities. Credibility requires skills in building trust, execution and management.

This 9-12 month programme will use a combination of workshops, monthly group coaching and one to one coaching so real change can be embedded.  The work a leader does is the learning and the classroom is the workplace, therefore have a programme with requires maintaining momentum over a period of time is a crucial part of this programme.


‘Hold the Floor’

This programme enhances personal impact and presence. Its about connecting with people so your intention is clear and understood. We use a “whole-body learning” approach to create true meaningful shifts in thinking and behaving. A core competency of any leader is the ability to communicate in a meaningful way that engages people. We use techniques such as story telling, body centring, voice control and personal coaching.

This  2  day programme is highly interactive and engaging,  using specialists in communication, theatre, martial arts and dance to bring the learning alive.


‘Team Alchemy’ 

All organisations have one thing in common – they rely on people working together to solve problems. Effective  teams are the life blood of any successful organisation. Team work doesn’t happen by accident – it takes focus, effort and commitment. All teams need a reason to exist, clear goals, a way of working, and feedback on how they are doing.

This 6-12 month programme will be delivered using a minimum of four guided workshops,  coaching circles and appropriate diagnostic tools.


‘Increase Your Power and Influence’

Her Invitationcopyright-e1412084239201  This two day programme suits women of any level in an organisation.   It is designed for women who want their ideas and opinions to be taken more seriously, to be seen and heard when they speak, to be able to articulate what they want and need more effectively, and much more.

Content covered includes:

  • Understanding how and where you might be giving your professional and personal power away without realising it
  • Controlling your own self-doubt with a view to diminishing its negative impact
  • Understanding your own internal Emotional Guidance System and using it to direct your career and personal life with greater power
  • The art of negotiation, with valuable insights from top lawyer Natalie Reynolds…perfecting your negotiation skills with bosses and loved ones for greater impact
  • Finding your voice… speaking up when you most want to with greater impact, clarity and clout
  • Using your centre of gravity to make a visible impact on the room
  • Know your own value.  Articulating and recognising what you bring and when… vital in being able to increase your power and influence personally and professionally
  • Visualisation techniques to steady yourself in any given situation
  • How to articulate your views and opinions with less energy but more influence
  • Understanding male and female gendered language and the impact it can have on your presence